Making a world of difference

Christmas for Climate is a campaign to give a gift to someone special that really has meaning.

The earth and our climate is in serious need of help, and more and more people are recognising the reality of climate change and want to assist in some way.


  • Many of us do not need any need any more gifts for Christmas.
  • Family and friends are struggling to provide a loved one a gift of real meaning.

Rotary is offering the opportunity to give a gift to help our planet and help look after our future generations


Would you like to give a gift that has meaning and value?

A gift that will help change the future?


Rotary can help by providing a selection of charities dedicated to our environment to choose as a gift for Christmas.


There are many excellent charities who are dedicated to increasing awareness of climate change and to help people understand the importance of all of us doing our part for the planet’s future! The charities include a focus on youth action, dialogue with business to get them to change practices, local groups dedicated to climate projects and support to get climate change on the political agenda.


The process is simple, click below, and select from a list of dedicated charities and go directly to their donate page.


Once you have made a donation you can download the Rotary Gift Card and make it out to the recipient and let them know you both care for the environment.


Thank You and Merry Christmas

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is Australia’s largest youth-run organization, our mission is to build a movement of young people leading solutions to the climate crisis.
Young people have the most to lose from global warming, but we also have a lot to gain.
Climate change is our best opportunity to create a world that works for everyone, not just a few.
We can power our lives with the wind and sun, and ensure access to clean energy and job opportunities for all. 
Market Forces
At Market Forces, we achieve a lot with a little. Our campaigns have already shifted hundreds of millions of dollars away from institutions that fund environmentally destructive projects. 
  • Keep exposing which banks are lending billions to fossil fuels
  • Fighting against more subsidies being given to fossil fuels
  • Cut off support for Adani’s dangerous coal mine
  • Continue helping Australians shift their money from banks and super funds invested in environmentally damaging projects
Click here to donate ...
Friends of the Earth Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia is a federation of autonomous local and affiliate groups who are working towards an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future.
FoE Australia functions both through the activities of its local and affiliate groups, and on the national level through national campaigns and projects,
We also have 13 affiliate group members based around the country. Each local or affiliate group operates independently but also according to the Friends of the Earth Australia's vision and values.
Climate for Change
We know what needs to be done to address climate change effectively. Across the world, policies, technologies and practices already exist that, if taken up at scale and speed, could stop or even reverse global warming. What we are missing is the social and political will needed to act.
Climate for Change seeks to create that social and political will - the social climate in Australia in which our political leaders can and must do what it takes to stop, and ultimately reverse, global warming.
We believe strongly in the power of everyday people to shape this democracy when they actively engage as citizens. Enabling this engagement is the foundation of our work.

Just 2 steps

Step 1: 
Make a donation to any of the organisations listed on the left

Step 2: 
Print a Thank You card

Step 3: 
Give Thank You card for Christmas present